Learn How To Fix Your Fretting Hand Guitar Technique & Play Fast More Easily

Wish you could fix your fretting hand technique so that playing fast felt smooth and effortless with no frustrating mistakes or inconsistency?

Here's what you need to do:

Learn how to make your fretting hand guitar technique as efficient as possible.

Being efficient with your movement translates directly into faster (and more clean) speed.

Good news is, this is fairly easy to do when you apply a few key concepts into your guitar playing.

What am I talking about?

Find out now to develop fretting hand guitar technique that makes speed come easy by watching this video:

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Now you now how to play with efficient fretting hand guitar technique.

However, there are more ways to play guitar fast and clean. Read below to learn more ways to play guitar fast with clean and accurate technique:

Isolate Your Fretting Hand And Picking Hand While Practicing


If one hand is playing inefficiently this will lead to mistakes no matter how efficiently you are playing with the other.

The majority of guitarists play everything using both hands and don't split up their focus on one hand at a time.

This slows down their progress and often leads to frustration.


Work on improving the movement of each hand in isolation from the other.

For instance: only practice picking motions while deadening the strings with your fretting hand.

Alternatively, mute the strings using your picking hand and fret notes using your fretting hand only (without picking). However, don't use hammer ons or pull offs while doing this.

Just work on the motions without producing sound.

Create Micro Goals Everytime You Practice Guitar

Doing big things in your guitar playing requires setting short, medium and long-term goals that you want to achieve.

What makes reaching these goals easier?


Setting micro goals.

This refers to the things you want to achieve during each practice session.

They should be small enough to achieve no matter how long you are practicing but significant enough that you can track them in a tangible way.

For instance: 

- Raise the tempo you can play at by 1-3 beats per minute.

- Learn the specific notes you need to play while mastering a new guitar lick (even if you can't play them perfect yet).

- Repeat a guitar lick hundreds of times to correctly program your muscle memory.

You should be getting closer to mastering your guitar-related goals one micro goal (practice session) at a time.

Learn How To Motivate Yourself To Practice Guitar Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Here is how to motivate yourself to practice guitar even when you don't feel like it: 

First, pick up your guitar and practice for 5 minutes.

If you don't feel like practicing, allow yourself to not practice for the next 5 minutes.

Most of the time you will choose to keep practicing and will usualy practice for much longer.

Here's why:

  1. It's typically harder to get started doing something than to keep doing it or finish it. Onceyou practice guitar for 5 minutes, it becomes more difficult to stop practicing than to keep practicing.
  2. Practicing for 5 minutes is something anyone can commit to. Everyone has 5 minutes to practice guitar, even if they are very busy.

Now you know how to improve your fretting hand guitar technique and get faster in less time. The next thing you need to do is transform the rest of your guitar playing skills with the help of an experienced guitar teacher.

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How do they work?

Like this:

You tell me all about your guitar playing strengths, weaknesses, musical background, and musical goals. I then make you a  customized guitar lesson strategy. As you work on your lessons, I give you a ton of feedback to help you get the most out of your guitar lessons and achieve your musical goals quickly.

Here are the results my guitar students are getting:




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