Learn How To Play Guitar Cleaner Than Ever By Removing Extra Tension In Your Body

Fact: Playing guitar fast and clean with little effort isn't just about practicing scale patterns, technical arpeggios or shred technique.

You make playing guitar clean feel easy when you remove the tension in your body that causes you to make sloppy mistakes. This finally gives you the ability to play amazing guitar licks as if it was second nature, just like the pros do.

Watch the guitar video below and learn how to play guitar incredibly clean by getting rid of tension in your body:

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Want to know even more about relaxing excess tension in your body? No problem!

Let me tell you a little story:

I once taught a student who had a very unusual problem.

While most guitar players hold way too much tension in their body when they play and don’t know it…

..this guy tried to relax a little *too* hard. 

And in doing so, he forgot one thing: 

Too “little” tension is almost as bad for you as too much tension!

In his case, his picking hand was so loose, he couldn’t even keep his wrist in line with his forearm. This made his playing very sloppy, since the open strings were allowed to ring out. 

But worst of all: 

His pick attack was so crazy weak, his playing was almost inaudible – even at slow tempos.

Fortunately, I fixed up his playing and within a couple of lessons he was a new man.

But the lesson for you is:

Your goal is not to minimize your tension levels – it’s to optimize them.


Your picking hand often needs to use a lot of tension to play guitar well. The last thing you want is to pick with weak pick attack.

If you do, it becomes hard to keep your hands in sync when you play guitar fast.

Here is another tension control tip:

Sometimes you can fight excess tension with MORE tension!

Here is how:

Literally tense up your entire body as hard as you can for about 5 seconds. 

Then relax.

When you do, your body will change into a more relaxed state.

Do this anytime you feel some nagging tension you can’t get rid of and you’ll play better. 


Here is yet another way excess tension can affect your guitar playing: 

One of the most annoying problems you’ll deal with when you play fast is…

… tensing up as you switch from playing slowly (or not playing anything) to playing at full speed. 

This can happen even if you are generally good at controlling excess tension. 

Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

All you do is:

Exhale before you start playing fast. 

This does 2 things:

  1. It releases any tension you are currently holding in your body
  2. It prevents your body from becoming tense during (and right after) you exhale. 

The result?

You’ll play faster, cleaner and more consistently than before. 

Now you know the best ways to relax (and optimize) excess muscle tension in your playing.

The next step is to polish up your other musical skills (other guitar techniques, ear training, music theory knowledge, fretboard knowledge and more), so you can finally put it all together and become a complete musician.

I can help you with this in my Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.

Here is how it works: 

First, you fill out an in-depth evaluation from where you tell me all about your guitar playing, your musical goals and your previous guitar lesson experience (if any). Don’t worry, it’s not a test (you don't have to answer all questions correctly).

It just tells me exactly what I need to know to start teaching you.

Then I go to work for you.

After you become a student, I will carefully study your evaluation form and create your personal breakthrough guitar lessons strategy that is specific to you. Then I create your first lesson based on your lesson strategy.

As soon as I’m done, I will upload your lesson into your student account on tomhess.net and email you letting you know it's ready and waiting for you.

All of this typically takes between 3-5 hours for me to do for you. (Please be patient with me on this part. I want to do as thorough of a job designing your lesson strategy as possible. The better your lesson strategy – the faster you improve. That’s why this process takes time.)

What goes into your 1st lesson?

Exercises, concepts, drills and techniques that begin moving you from where you are as a guitar player today to where you want to be.

Each lesson is a step towards reaching your musical goals. 

In addition, as a guitar student of mine, you also have access to: 

  1. Weekly live video Office Hours. This is where you can ask me anything about guitar playing or music. I'm there to help you – live on video.
  2. Weekly live video training classes. In these classes, I take the hardest guitar playing topics and break them down to make them easy to master. Plus, I get to see you play and answer your questions live on video.
  3. We also do live guitar practice sessions for you, me and my other students. We all practice guitar together and work on things each of us may struggle to practice individually. This helps you to get stuff done and improve more quickly.
  4. If you have questions – email me anytime - day or night. I answer your questions in detail and you always get a detailed reply from me directly.
  5. You can send me recordings of your playing for feedback. In my feedback, I help you diagnose and remove bad habits from your playing and erase all obstacles slowing down your progress.

You also get access to our exclusive community on my students’ forum. There you can get support from my top guitar students – many of whom are now professional guitar teachers themselves. 

Then you begin practicing. You don’t have to practice for hours per day – 30 minutes per day (4-5 times per week) is enough to see results.

All you have to do is follow the steps I lay out for you in your guitar lessons. And keep doing this not just for the 1st lesson, but in all the lessons that follow.

Check out the results my guitar students are achieving:




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