Learn How To Play Guitar Arpeggios Fast & Clean Like You Always Wanted

Struggling to play guitar arpeggios fast and clean like you want to? Wish you knew how to practice effectively to do it?

Good news:

There are 2 simple shortcuts that make playing guitar arpeggios fast and clean feel easier than ever. Most guitarists never think to try them and waste tons of time making slow progress in their playing...

Watch the guitar video below and learn the best shortcuts to practice in order to finally play guitar arpeggios with tons of speed and accuracy:

Click on the video to begin watching it.


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Now that you know how to play arpeggios faster and cleaner, it’s time for the next step.

That next step is: mastering the rest of your musical skills (guitar technique, music theory, ear training and phrasing), so you can put it all together and feel like a real musician – not just a guitar player!

I can walk you through this step by step in Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.

Here is what happens when you become a guitar student of mine: 

First, you fill out an in-depth evaluation form telling me about yourself as a guitar player. I ask you dozens of questions about your guitar playing strengths and weaknesses, musical knowledge and goals.

Don't worry, you don’t have to (and likely won’t) answer all the questions correctly. The evaluation from isn’t a test. 

It’s a way for me to see what you know and don’t know, so I can do the next step for you.

The next step is:

I create an in-depth guitar lesson strategy for you for what I intend to teach you for the first 3-6 months.

This step takes me about 2-3 hours to do for you. 

Next, I create your first guitar lesson. Here is what to expect: 

  • I create your lessons based on the “Geometric ApproachTM”. That means, we’ll work on several skills in your guitar playing at the same time.
  • The format of each lesson depends on the topics you will be learning. Some skills are best learned and taught via video. (For example: guitar technique.) Others – via audio (for example: rhythm guitar and improvising). 

That’s because your eyes can distract you from listening to the tightness of your playing and expressiveness of your phrasing. 
Still other skills are best taught using text and tab (for example: music theory topics). And of course, many topics are best taught using a combination of audio, video and text/tab. 

Let’s say you want to improve your guitar technique, learn to improvise, become a songwriter and play in a band, your first lesson might contain items on:

- exercises on playing tight rhythm guitar (in combination of text, audio and tab)

- a video master class on creating guitar licks (and training on how to make them sound great)

- guitar technique training on how to keep your hands in sync at high speeds. (Using video and tab.)

- An ear training drill that helps you play what you hear in your head.

- An exercise on visualizing the fretboard. 

(Obviously this entire list is an example. Your 1st lesson will likely look different, because it will be specific to you.)

In addition to your 1st lesson, you also get a ton of support and feedback on your playing while you practice.

For example: 

  • You can show me your playing every single day if you want – just post a recording of your playing on my student forum. 
  • You can also send me recordings separately for in-depth feedback on your playing and practicing on a regular basis. 
  • You can ask me questions and show me your playing every week in live video Office Hours. I hop on Zoom for an hour to help you with whatever you feel stuck on. You show me your playing (and ask about your guitar playing challenges) during this time and I help you.
  • Every week I do live video training classes where I can see you play guitar as well and give you more personal help with your playing.
  • Depending on what you write in your feedback form about each lesson (I ask you to leave me feedback about each part of what I teach you) I sometimes may ask you to send me a yet another recording of your playing. This way I get to see you play whatever you struggle with and can adjust your lesson strategy (if needed) to help you improve faster. 

All you have to do is practice your guitar lesson materials and ask for help when you need it. If all you do practice 30 minutes per day, you will be surprised by how much you can achieve. 

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