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With your permission, I want to send you a (free) series of special coaching tips to help you on the path to reach your musical goals. 

These tips will help you to: 

- get clear on your goals, so you know exactly what you should practice to improve every day. More importantly: this helps you know what NOT to practice, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the materials you find online. 

As I tell my guitar students: “Knowing what to do” is important, but knowing what NOT to do is even more important. This email mini course will help you have the same clarity. 

- overcome frustrations while you practice. Let’s face it: not every guitar practice session will be your best. And some days you’ll feel frustrated.

Having effective ways to overcome your frustrations ensures you continue to practice and improve your playing week after week. In these email tips, I show you my go-to ways to battle frustration as you become a better guitar player. 

- troubleshoot your guitar playing problems. Effective guitar practice is all about solving problems in your playing.

That means, you need to: know what your problems are and have an arsenal of problem-solving guitar practice tools that help you make the problems go away.

In these email tips, I show you some of my best and most proven guitar practice strategies and tactics that help you navigate your most challenging guitar playing problems. 

- get your practice in even when you have very little time to practice. If you are like most guitar players, you probably don’t have as much time to practice as you’d like. 

That means you are a normal human being :) It also means: you can surprise yourself by how much you can achieve when you use my tips on how to squeeze more progress from every minute of your practice time.

Most of my guitar students practice for less than 1 hour per day and get great results.

In these email tips, I’ll show you how to do the same in your guitar practicing too.

In about 10 minutes, you will have my first email in your email inbox. If you don't receive an email from me, either your email provider or your email reader is blocking my email. Please check your Trash/Junk folder and update your email settings to allow email from hess@tomhess.net

After you study these tips, I can help you take your guitar playing further in my Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.

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