How To Clean Up Your Sweep Picking

Want to clean up your sweep picking technique and learn to come up with lots of killer terrorizing guitar licks in the process? No problem. Your sweep picking will turn heads and sound ripping fast and ultra clean when you learn to combine arpeggio playing with bits of tremolo. This is a great tool, not only for improving your technique, but also for making your arpeggio playing very creative.
Watch the video below and learn how to practice effectively to clean up your arpeggio technique while creating awesome sweep picking licks in the process.

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Wish You Could Play Guitar A Lot More Clean & Tight Like The Gears Of A Watch? Think About This:

Ever play a guitar lick or run during a solo and you are not perfectly timed with the tick in numerous places (specifically when a pattern repeats)?

Check this out:

Record yourself (preferably) into a music app that shows you the grid of beats so you can see where the notes ) overlap the beat.

This gives you quick visual and audio information on how close you are to being totally in time.

That said, you should also try recording your guitar playing and then listening to your guitar playing very thoroughly (by using headphones if possible) to observe when you play notes a little bit before the click happens. You want to pull back mentally a little bit more to make them occur directly on the click.

How To Clean Up Your Sweep Picking To Use While Soloing

When you practice sweep picking, use distortion instead of a clean tone.

This is critical since you will be soloing with distortion as you are playing arpeggios like this a lot of the time (I'm assuming that you are a rock or metal guitar player).

So, it's a great habit to practice exactly how you will play, around 85% of the time-- and in addition, this makes you more tuned into any matters of string noise that show up.

Really sloppy playing (and string noise) always sounds more clear when using high gain, so practice with it to eliminate your mistakes.


Neglected Guitar Playing Cleanliness Issue: Not Being Consistent Enough

Watch out for when you have inconsistencies in how you attack notes.

To correct this, record the same guitar melody a couple of times into your phone's record app and (if possible) pan one track completely to one side and the other totally to the other side.

After that listen (using headphones preferably) and spot where mistakes occur. This will be simple, because when you notice anything that is going on in one ear/speaker but not in the other, that shows that there is a problem.

Figure out what that issue is (by listening closely to each recording apart from the other) and then when you begin playing again, ensure that you keep that area perfect.

For instance, you may notice that you have a tendency to play the same part either with different approaches to palm muting.

This means that you should emphasize your palm muting in that part of the piece and keep the pressure constant while playing.

If you detect that one track has string sounds in a specific spot but sounds clean in the other, that means you need to more meticulously watch your muting techniques as you play that part in the music to guarantee that the noise never ruins your playing.

This makes your aural skills more polished so that you can become more conscious of your own mistakes and correct them.

Do this workout as part of your guitar practice and your playing becomes a lot more tight.

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It's not all hard to get stuck in your guitar playing and oblivious of what must be done to get better without someone experienced to assist you.

This makes trying to get better at guitar feel tedious and unmotivating rather than pleasurable - like it ought to be.

This is most commonly why I suggest all guitarists take lessons with an excellent guitar teacher.

This is very critical for helping you make accelerated progress, because a very good guitar teacher is reliable at getting you to understand where you are making mistakes, fix any existing poor playing habits and receive new perspectives about playing guitar that you might not have discovered if you learned completely by yourself.

Not only does this make getting better on guitar more enjoyable, it makes it so much less frustrating. In addition, you become a much improved musician, super fast.

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