Learn How To Get More Results When You Practice Guitar

You make faster progress in your guitar playing when you practice with a high rate of transferability.

This means what you practice incorporates many different skills at once. When you know which practice items have the highest transferability, you know what to practice to get the most results from your time.

Watch the guitar video below and find out how to get more results from your practice time:

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How To Practice Guitar To Make Your Fast Guitar Playing Tighter


Sometimes playing guitar at fast speeds leads to playing a little too early or late on the beat. This has the potential to ruin a perfectly good guitar lick or solo by making it sound sloppy.

Don't worry though, this is a common (very fixable) problem.

What is the solution?

Practice your rhythmic timing more often. Timing is an often overlooked musical skill by guitar players. However, it is very important – especially if you want to perform music in bands, with other musicians or in professional recording sessions.

Here’s what to practice to get better:

Get started by turning on your metronome to a slower tempo.

Then record yourself using your phone or musical apps so you can listen back and get feedback on your performance.

Practice this for extra benefit by playing off beat (on purpose) and listening to how it sounds.

Do this continuously for a few repeats, then slowly start playing in perfect time.

Use just 1-3 notes to practice this at first. Using a few notes versus a lot makes it easier to focus on get the most out of your work.

Note: Use very simple amp settings while doing this. Nothing besides basic distortion settings.

Why? Because your mistakes become obscured when you can’t hear them under various effects or noises.


The Importance Of Focus During Guitar Practice

One of the essential requirements for having good guitar practice technique is to practice with intense focus.

Chances are, you have practiced guitar at one time or another in a state of auto-pilot.

In other words, your guitar practice technique was to treat practice more like a series of automatic movements than the actual act of improving and developing your guitar playing.

In order to get great results from your guitar practice, you must change your mind set. Instead of practicing guitar to merely achieve the right movements, work on paying close attention to what you are doing while keeping in mind exactly what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

This may sound obvious, but think about it - if you are trying to play a scale faster but treat the task as mere repetition your mind may wander and you will not get as much out of it.

However, if you actually think about how you can improve your speed actively as you are playing, it will be much easier for you to pinpoint trouble areas and correct them in a shorter period of time.

Why Do Some Guitarists Seem To Get Better Faster With Their Practice Approach?

Have you ever noticed that some guitar players seem to get better guitar practice results even though they do not practice as much as other guitarists?

It is a myth that simply practicing more on its own will make you a great guitar player; even though this is a popular belief amongst most guitarists.

Fact is, you can accomplish a lot more with your guitar practice in a short period of time by applying a little-known guitar practice secret.

In fact, this secret is not only applicable to your guitar playing, but to anything else in your life!

What is it?:

The 80/20 rule, also known as “Pareto’s Principle.”

The basic idea of this principle is that 80% of the time you spend practicing guitar will give you about 20% of your total progress, while 20% of the time you spend practicing guitar will give you about 80% of your total progress.

Best Guitar Practice Approach - Lessons With A Teacher Or Self-Taught?

The majority of guitarists eventually come to this fork in the road.

So, do guitarists really need to take lessons with a teacher, or does this limit their ability to learn creatively and faster?


Taking guitar lessons is 100% the choice any serious guitar player should make if they want to get better much faster.


It's simple, really.

You make significantly more progress in your guitar playing by taking lessons with an experienced teacher who has already helped others achieve your goals than you would by guessing your way through the process.

Why exactly does a guitar teacher make things easier or help you get better faster?

There are many potential points to make here, but one of the biggest ones is that a guitar teacher takes a student's goals and gives them the exact path needed to reach them. This cuts down on all the guesswork, so the student only needs to do what the teacher says to get better really quickly.

Not sure about which notes to use while soloing over an Em7b9 chord?

Not able to play that one cool guitar lick at 175 bpm without breaking down?

Not sure how to make your guitar solos sound more musical?

Wish you knew what, how and when to practice to make as much progress as possible in as little time as possible?

These are the kinds of things that guitar teachers are perfect for.

That said:

One of the most overlooked aspects of havign a guitar teacher is that not only do they show you new ways to do things that you never thought of, but they help you stay motivated and excited throughout the learning process. This makes practicing more fun than it would be on your own.

If you're on the fence, go ahead and get started taking guitar lessons. Your future self will thank you!

The longer you wait, the longer your guitar playing remains at a lower level than where you want it to be.

Begin taking lessons today and make amazing progress in your guitar playing.

These are just a few cases my students’ incredible progress from taking guitar lessons:



Practicing effectively helps you get more results in a fraction of the time than you would by practicing in an unorganized manner.

Working with a great guitar teacher speeds this process up even more! Take lessons with a teacher right away by getting guitar instruction online.

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