Learn To Play Awesome Arpeggio Guitar Licks That Sound Killer (And Are Easy To Play)

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How To Play Awesome Arpeggio Guitar Licks

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Playing awesome arpeggio guitar licks is not hard, and it doesn't require you to practice hundreds of sweep picking exercises. All you need to do is take standard arpeggio shapes and make a few simple adjustments to the notes to make them more creative. When you learn to do this, you will never feel bored playing (or practicing) arpeggios on guitar and have an easier time using sweep picking expressively in your guitar solos.

In this video on creating arpeggio guitar licks, you will learn how to:

  • Extend arpeggios with other notes in the scale to turn standard major/minor shapes into cool sounding extended chords (this is simple to do and it sounds great!)
  • Make tiny variations to any arpeggio you play to make it sound way cooler when you repeat your licks over and over
  • Combine sweep picking with 2-hand tapping to make it easier to play arpeggios that span several octaves on your guitar
  • Apply the creative concepts you learn to a variety of arpeggios to make creating new guitar licks easier and more fun

You will also get the tab of every single example shown in this video to help you easily apply these ideas in your guitar playing.

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