How To Transform Your Sweep Picking Arpeggios From ‘Boring And Repetitive’ To ‘Intense And Awe-Inspiring’

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Want to make your sweep picking technique so intense that it grabs your audience by the throat and makes them pay attention?

Fact is, most guitarists only learn how to play basic sweep picking arpeggios and repeat them over and over.

As a result, they can do nothing more than play boring, lifeless arpeggio licks that sound more like an ‘exercise’ than actual music. This kind of playing impresses almost nobody, except maybe other guitar players (who can't play any better).

To truly play great sweep picking arpeggios, you MUST learn ‘how to use’ sweep picking technique to enhance your guitar playing and add intensity to your lead guitar licks.

After watching this video on sweep picking arpeggios, you will:

  • Learn how to instantly make any sweep picking arpeggio sound powerful and intense.
  • Discover how to use sweep picking technique to make your arpeggios sound like ‘music’ rather than robotic exercises.
  • Understand how to use sweep picking technique to grab the attention of anyone listening to you play.

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