Let's See What You Really Know About Music Theory For Guitar

Because What You Think Music Theory Is, Will Directly Influence Everything About Your Guitar Playing!

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Tell me what you think 'music theory' really is:
  • Music Theory is the study of how music works.
  • Music theory encompasses the nature and mechanics of music.
  • Music Theory is a set of rules that musicians and composers are supposed to follow.
  • Music Theory is an outdated set of rules.
If you are like most musicians, you think one or more of the definitions above best describes music theory… and if you chose any of those, you're dead wrong. 
Fact is, music theory was created and developed over the centuries (by music theorists) in order for people to answer two simple questions,
1. "Why do I FEEL the way I do when I listen to some piece of music?"
2. "Why does everyone sometimes experience the same basic emotions when hearing a specific piece of music."
Then musicians, songwriters and composers began to study what music theorists had 'theorized'. Music theorists understood that music theory is not about rules of how music is put together, but instead music theory is about understanding music's greatest secret….
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