How To Make Your Legato Technique Sound Smooth And Flawless

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Want to get better at playing legato on guitar? To do that, you need 2 things:

  1. You need to know how to practice this technique in the most effective way possible.
  2. You need to know what mistakes to avoid when practicing that will cripple your progress (this is the problem that holds most guitarists back).

The #1 mistake that holds most guitarists back from improving their legato technique is: mindlessly practicing one exercise after another and expecting their playing to improve. This is the same approach most guitarists use... and it doesn't work. To truly master legato technique (fast), you must learn how to correctly identify and eliminate any flaws in your technique, so that your playing improves with any exercise you play/practice.

By watching this video on mastering legato technique, you will:

  • Learn 3 most common mistakes guitarists make when practicing this technique and how to solve each one
  • Understand how to make legato playing feel incredibly easy by eliminating excessive tension from your technique
  • Learn how to make fewer mistakes when playing legato and have your guitar technique become more reliable and consistent
  • Learn how to easily fix the mistakes that prevent most guitar players from playing with better legato guitar technique
  • Discover why “more exercises” won’t help your legato technique improve and what you must do instead to master this technique quickly and easily

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