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Remember when you first began playing guitar and everything seemed magical? The music that you loved most was certainly the music that had the most powerful emotional impact on you (whatever those feelings were). As you began learning to play guitar, you quickly discovered that playing guitar with feeling was very hard to do. Most people do make some progress after learning to play guitar for many years, however the vast majority will never master how to play guitar with feeling, even though that is what we all strive for as musicians.
Why is that true?
Is it because most guitar players lack the technical skills to play guitar? Not really. Although some guitar players struggle with their technical guitar skills, those who really want to play guitar with feeling typically just don't know how to do it. There is a two-part solution to this problem.
  1. Understanding exactly how each note will 'feel' BEFORE you play it. (More on this below)
  2. Improving your guitar phrasing.
The vast majority of guitar players never learn what each note 'feels' like before they play it on the guitar. Instead, they may learn how to play the note, what the note is called, or if it is in key or not, etc. The problem is, NONE of those things will ever help you learn and memorize how each note 'feels' in the context of the music BEFORE the note is played!
You are finally about to discover the very first and most important step in learning exactly which notes will produce the exact emotion you want to create. Once you can do that, playing guitar with feeling will become very natural, so that you can create strong emotions in yourself and others who hear you play guitar.
To be able to control the emotions of people who hear you play guitar is the single greatest power in all of music. For musicians, this is the pinnacle… the Holy Grail of musicianship… and it's now within your grasp.
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