How To Play Lead Guitar Creatively – What Is Your Lead Guitar Playing Creativity Level?

How close are you to being able to play highly expressive lead guitar solos every time you pick up the guitar? To test yourself, answer the questions below to assess your current level of musical creativity. After you are done, I will send you (for free) my feedback about your answers to help you become a much more creative guitar player.
1. The best and fastest way to become a more creative lead guitarist is by: *

2. I have an excellent understanding of what notes sound good over any given chord (before playing them!): *

3. My level of mastery with scales on the fretboard can best be described in the following way: *

4. I never run out of interesting ideas while playing lead guitar licks or solos: *

5. While playing or improvising guitar solos, I can consistently and accurately express any emotion I want my audience to feel: *

6. My main approach to improvising guitar solos consists of: *

7. When I improvise a guitar solo, I am able to create new musical ideas in my head and know what they will sound like before I play them: *

8. My guitar solos often sound like: *

9. It is very easy for me to play fast licks in guitar solos without making mistakes or causing unwanted string noise: *

10. I know exactly what I need to practice to take my lead guitar playing from where it is right now to where I want it to be: *

To see how you did on this assessment and get my (free) feedback on your answers so you can learn how to make your lead guitar playing more creative, log in or create an account below and press the "Submit" button. All information is kept 100% private and confidential.

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