How To Write Kickass 7 String Guitar Riffs

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Want to become a better 7 string guitarist? Then STOP playing all your rhythm guitar riffs in the same way and start taking full advantage of all the unique elements that the 7 string guitar has to offer. Fact is, many guitarists only use 7 string guitar in a very narrow range of ways and their music never sounds really creative.

After answering dozens of emails from 7 string guitar players around the world, I put together this rhythm guitar mini course to help you write crushingly intense 7 string guitar riffs and improve your general guitar playing faster.
You will learn how to:
  • Get many cool ideas for writing your own rhythm guitar parts
  • Improve your picking hand technique to make your rhythm guitar playing sound cleaner and tighter than ever before
  • Discover a new application for a seemingly simple rhythm guitar technique that will transform how your guitar riffs sound

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