Use This Metal Guitar Solo Lesson To Discover How To Play Great Guitar Solos Over Chords With Fast And Slow Melodies

The majority of guitar players have a hard time making metal guitar solos over chords in a way that feels good. If you struggle with this as well, then you likely are unsure of how to make your soloing sound as good as the pros. The best way to make your metal guitar playing sound great is to focus on developing guitar phrasing. In other words - working specifically on 'how' you play notes on guitar.

A significant component of great guitar phrasing is the ability to balance "guitar speed" with more melodic and lyrical melodies. Once you learn to use this balance when you play a guitar solo over chords, you will not only be able to "use the right notes," but be able to take full advantage of your current guitar abilities and express your ideas clearly with your music.

Watch this metal guitar solos lesson video, and discover how you can use speed on the guitar at the right moment to get the maximum emotion out of your lead guitar playing.

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Learning how to play melodic, expressive and jaw-dropping guitar solos isn't as hard as you think - especially when you have the guidance of someone who has helped thousands of others do it! Get started taking your lead guitar solos to a new level with these rock and metal guitar lessons online.

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