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Guitar Playing Assessments

How Good Are You At Identifying Rhythm Guitar Mistakes?
You will become a much better rhythm guitar player when you are able to quickly identify any rhythm guitar playing mistake by ear. Test yourself now to see how good your ear is using this rhythm guitar playing assessment.

How Good Is Your Guitar Playing?
Is your guitar playing really as good as you think? Before you can truly become a great guitarist, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. Test yourself now using this assessment and learn how to become a better guitarist.

How Creative Is Your Guitar Playing?
Are you able to consistently play highly creative lead guitar solos? Test yourself to learn your strengths and weaknesses in order to become a much more creative guitarist. Take this assessment about lead guitar creativity.

How Effective Are You In Reaching Your Musical Goals?
Determine your level of success in applying good practice habits, learning guitar technique and developing musical skills.  The more effective you are in learning and integrating these 3 elements, the faster you will reach your musical goals! Find out where you stand here

Is Your Practicing Disciplined AND Fun At The Same Time?
Most guitarists either have lots of fun practicing, but are not highly disciplined, or try to be very disciplined, but find it boring or unfulfilling when they do so. To make the most amount of progress, your learning experience needs to balance BOTH elements. How well can you do this? Test yourself here.

How Effective Is Your Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing?
From the many elements that go into creative improvising and soloing, phrasing is perhaps the single most important (and the least practiced!) one.  Do you understand all the elements that go into truly expressive guitar phrasing? Find out here.

How Much Do You Know About Practicing Guitar?
Is your practicing as effective as it can be? If you haven't reached your musical goals yet, chances are that the answer is "No". Take this test to understand how much you really know about how to practice guitar.

How Close Are You To Mastering Electric Lead Guitar Technique?
If all you do is measure your guitar technique progress using a metronome to track speed, you are totally on the wrong track and are missing the majority of what is needed to improve this area of your guitar playing. Take this test to learn how close you are to mastering lead guitar technique.

Music Career Assessments

Learn How Close You Are To A Successful Career In Music
Are you on the right track to a thriving career in the music business? Take this free music career assessment to learn how close you are to becoming a highly successful professional musician.


Are You Prepared To Pursue A Highly Successful Career As A Professional Musician? 
Many people talk about wanting to make it in the music business, but few have all the "pieces of the puzzle" necessary for long term success in this industry. How about you? Find out about your strengths and weaknesses.  

Do You Need A Music Career Coach?
In order to succeed in music (and in life), it is very helpful to follow the advice of a mentor and coach, someone who has already done what you want to do and can teach you to do the same.  How about you? Do you need a coach and trainer to help you reach your music career goals in the fastest way possible? Find out here.

Test for BIG Success As A Professional Musician
How well do you understand the mindset of successful music industry professionals?  While all people are different, there are common threads to both failure and success. Do you live with this mindset? This test will tell you.

Do You Have An Effective Backup Plan That Will Lead You Into A Successful Music Career?
Many musicians "plan to fail" in their music career, by relying on a backup plan that moves them away from their ultimate dream. How effective is your strategy? Click here to test yourself and find out. 

What Does The Music Industry Look For In You?
Many musicians want to know what it takes to attract the attention of the major people and companies in the music business.  In order to understand the answer to this question, you must know WHAT these entities look for in all artists they choose to work with.  Most musicians have no about you?

Find out here.

What Will Help Your Band To Be An Incredible Success?

Being a successful rock band is no longer a simple matter of creating great music, being discovered, getting signed, and letting a record label do the rest. In fact it never really was. In today’s music industry, being successful takes a lot of hard work, incredible focus, and an undeniable presence. Besides having good music, do you have what it takes to be a successful rock band?

Take this Rock Band Success Test to find out.


How Much Do You Know About Promoting Your Music?
You want your music to be heard by others and to build your fanbase, right? Of course you do... but how much do you REALLY know about succeeding in this area of the music business? Take this music industry promotion test to find out.

Are You Ready To Start A Music Career?

Your musical skills alone (no matter how great they are) will not help you in your music career until you also focus on other aspects of your personality and skillsets that are vital for success in the music industry. Find out your level of readiness to start a music career.

Guitar Teaching Assessments

How Close Are You To Big Success As A Guitar Teacher?
Find out how close you are to becoming successful as a guitar teacher and get free feedback from me that will help you grow your teaching business fast. Take this guitar teaching success test.

Are You Ready To Begin Teaching Guitar?
Are you thinking about teaching guitar? Many guitar players (falsely) assume they are not talented enough or do not know enough to begin teaching. Truth is, you are probably ready to get started right now. Take this assessment and find out how to get started teaching guitar.

How Effective Are Your Beginning Guitar Student Teaching Methods?
How effective are you in getting your students to practice, believe in their potential, and to remain your students until they achieve their goals? Most guitar teachers struggle with doing this successfully.  Very often their approach to teaching could use a lot of improvement.  If you are not successful in this area of your teaching, take this test to find out why.

How Prepared Are You To Grow A Highly Successful Guitar Teaching Business?
There are many things that are needed to build a highly successful teaching business. Do you know what these things are? Are you ready to implement them? Find out about your strengths and weaknesses.

How Effective Are You In Attracting New Guitar Students?
Do you have highly effective strategies for attracting A LOT of new guitar students to your teaching studio?  Are students pounding on your door to study with you?  Do you find it easy to keep your schedule totally full of students?

If you didn't answer "Yes" to all 3 of these questions, this test will help you find out why. 

Test Your Guitar Teaching Skills
Find out how much you really know about teaching guitar and test your guitar teaching skills.

How To Teach Your Guitar Students To Practice Guitar
Most guitar teachers do a very poor job at teaching their students how to "practice" guitar and this is one of the reasons why their students rarely become exceptional musicians. Take this assessment to test your skills in teaching your guitar students to practice.

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