Is Your Practicing Disciplined AND Fun At The Same Time?

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I have an effective way to measure my progress and I keep a written log of my practicing. *

I plan my practicing schedule in advance. *

I have specific and measurable goals for my playing. *

I know how to incorporate intelligent variety into my practicing. *

I use the most efficient practice schedule possible and my practice habits are truly effective. *

I can use all the skills I am learning not only in isolation but also integrated with other musical things I know and can do. *

My practice sessions are fulfilling. *

When I practice, I can keep my attention on the task at hand and do not jump around from one thing to another. *

I surround myself with various sources of inspiration every day. *

I understand the difference between practicing and playing my guitar. *

I have a clear understanding of what I need to practice to reach my specific goals, and do not get sidetracked by practicing things that don’t matter. *

I know how each item in my practice schedule fits in with the long-term picture of my goals. *

I am able to see consistent improvements in my playing while having fun practicing. *

When I practice, I focus my conscious mind on enjoying the process of disciplined practice. *

I do not easily become bored, frustrated or tired of disciplined practicing. *

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