Are You On The Right Track Towards A Successful Music Career?

Answer the questions below to learn if you are on track to make it as a professional musician. After you finish, I will give you my (free) feedback on how to make your career a lot more successful.

1. When dealing with lazy and unmotivated band members, you: *

2. If you tried to pursue some music career opportunity or project that failed, you: *

3. If you don't have enough money to support your music career, you: *

4. When you don't know what steps to take to further your career in music, you:  *

5. When you struggle to get the opportunities you want in your music career, you:  *

6. Your music career success plan consists of: *

7. If you don’t have a large following of music fans, you: *

8. When you meet someone who can help you advance your music career in some way, you: *

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