Are You Prepared to Pursue a Highly Successful Career as a Professional Musician?

In addition to the musical skills you must possess to become a successful professional musician, there are other key factors that you need to build and sustain a highly successful music career. Do you know what these things are? More importantly, are you consistently and powerfully implementing them in your life?

Let's find out...


I am passionate about a music career. *

I am clear about the reasons why I want to become a professional musician. *

I have an empowering mindset for success. *

I am totally committed to my dreams. *

I continually work to improve my musical skills. *

I currently study with a teacher or school to expand my musical abilities further. *

I am an advanced and experienced musician. *

I prioritize my tasks and plan my time effectively. *

I do not procrastinate on taking actions that will help me reach my goals and dreams. *

I understand the difference between working "on" my career and working "in" it. *

I have multiple clearly-defined music career goals which are designed to work together in order to obtain maximum leverage. *

I have diverse strategies and plans to increase my security, but which are also congruent to maximize my effectiveness and benefits. *

I actively and effectively promote myself on a continual basis. *

I am working to develop multiple streams of music income. *

I use leverage to my advantage. *

I have a comprehensive long-term plan to maintain my high level of success once I reach it. *

I regularly seek out opportunities and act upon them. *

I do an excellent job navigating through challenges. *

I have an excellent ability to create opportunities out of nothing to further my career objectives. *

I understand the importance of good professional relationships and a strong network of musicians and partners. *

I have a strong and secure peer group of like-minded people whom I can rely on. *

I actively build and nurture key relationships with other professionals in the industry. *

I'm constantly increasing the value I offer to others. *

I am active in decreasing the risks others may see in working with me. *

I know how to syndicate risk in order to protect myself professionally. *

I understand (or am studying) how the music industry works today (not only how the business worked 5+ years ago). *

I have a proven and successful mentor to help me begin, grow and sustain a successful long-term music career. *

Please feel free to forward this assessment page to anyone you know who may need help with developing and expanding a successful music career.
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