Music Careers Mentoring Program Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers many of the questions you likely have about the Music Careers Mentoring Program.

I answered the questions with a ton of info to help you understand what you can expect from me when I mentor you…

…as well as what *I* expect from you when I mentor you. 

Because when we both do our part (and I always do mine), there is only outcome possible. 

And that outcome is: 

You Become A Successful Professional Musician With A Music Career You’ve Always Dreamed About!

I also show you case studies and success stories of results musicians I mentored have achieved.

Of course, your results my vary. Other people’s results are no indication of the success you may or may not achieve. Your results may be the same, better or worse. 

Your success depends on your actions. 

With that said – dive into the questions below. If you have other questions I didn’t answer on this page, email me directly at 



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