Will You Show Me How To Avoid Going Broke While Pursuing A Career In Music?


There are good ways and bad ways to go about pursuing a career in music. I’ll coach you to do the right things so that you are not one of those ‘starving artists’ that do things the wrong way and go broke in the process.

In fact, one of the pillars of a successful music career is financial freedom. It is (part of) what gives you the ability to say “yes” to opportunities in the music industry.

Picture this: imagine you get a phone call from a record company who offers to sign your band to a record deal.

Only there is a catch:

You have to spend the next 10 weeks in the studio recording your album and then 3 months on tour.

During this time – you need a way to pay your bills back home. Most musicians have no way to say “yes” to such opportunities and the record deal goes to those who can.

When I train you in the Music Careers Mentoring Program, I teach you how to set up your career to be able to say “yes” to gigs like this. 

The secret to doing this is: multiple streams of income. 

Once you have them (I’ll help you set them up for yourself in the program) you have the level of freedom, stability and financial security most people (and most musicians) only dream about.


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