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Few people take the initiative to grow their music career beyond wishful thinking, and even fewer are willing to invest time, effort and money into their own music career beyond spending money on gear or music lessons.

In order to qualify for the Music Careers Mentoring Program, I need you to tell me a few things about yourself. Please fill out the form below and be as truthful and sincere as possible. I will read your replies and make a decision as to whether this program is right for you or not (this decision is NOT really based on your current musical skills – I am looking for other things). There are three reasons for this:

Reason #1: I can only work with people in this program who are dead serious about reaching their goals of becoming professional musicians in the music industry. I need to be sure that you are totally committed to becoming a professional musician and are willing to work with me towards that goal on a consistent basis.

Reason #2: I can only admit a small number of people in this program in order to get the best results possible for everyone involved. The size of the group must be large enough to allow a moderate number of serious people to work together with the various ongoing projects we will be doing as a team. But it also must be small enough to ensure highly effective mentoring for each person in the group.

Reason #3: Every year hundreds of people apply for this program, but for the reasons mentioned above, I have to be selective and choose only a small number of truly “dedicated” people to become a part of the program. People who are willing to take action and DO what I am training and teaching, not only listen.

I will be in touch with you shortly via email after I receive your application form… Note: Please give me 12 hours to respond back to you. If you don’t hear anything from me after 24 hours, please email me directly at I reply to every application whether it’s accepted or not.

Simply answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Ready? Let's begin.

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That's it! Now the only thing left to do is log in or create an account below and submit your application. I will then read your replies and get back to you shortly.

To your success,

Tom Hess

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