How Does The Music Careers Mentoring Program Work?

In the Music Careers Mentoring Program, you get 52 coaching sessions (1 new killer session every 10 days) packed with highly-guarded insider music career success secrets, strategies and tactics. Most coaching sessions contain specific actions steps for you to take, assignments to do or tactics to implement in order to advance your music career forward one step at a time.

In addition, because I know you need ‘support’ to become successful and maximize your success rate, you will become part of a special network of dedicated, committed and success-minded musicians… Why is this important for your music career?

Think about all the musicians you know… Now be honest, you and I both know that the vast majority of your musician friends are never going to go anywhere in the music business. A few will try and fail, the rest will be too afraid to even try, they have already failed. But they will still give you their (ignorant) ‘opinions’ about what you want to do. Fact is, NONE of those people are qualified nor entitled to even have an opinion about you, your music and your current or future career in music – period.

You need to be surrounded by people who are: success-minded, passionate, dedicated, positive and absolutely as committed as you are to establish, grow and sustain and successful long-term career in music. This is critical!

Finding even one person that is a winner like you is not easy… finding an entire group of them all at once and them wanting you among them too is amazing. They (and I) will encourage you, hold you accountable for your own success, and generally kick your ass down your path of success until you get there.

To build this one-of-a-kind program I invested 8 years into constant researching how to become successful in the music business, read every book, interviewed every record label, artist management, and concert promoter I knew and combined that with lots of my own real world experience as a signed international recording artist, world touring musician and member of a multi-million record selling band.

I’ve dedicated thousands of hours over many years of my life, countless piles of money and tons of effort to building, refining and constantly improving upon the very best music career success strategies, secrets and tactics that have the power to take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

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