Can't I Just Learn About The Music Industry By Myself?

You can try doing things on your own using the failed ‘guessing’ and ‘trial and error’ methods and STILL NOT learn and do what you need to do. Yes, you could save a little money by trying to do it on your own, but what that would cost you is years of your life aimlessly trying to figure it all out by yourself. Frankly, if you could do it all yourself, you would have done it by now and you would certainly not be reading this page. And besides, the only way it makes any sense to spend years of your life guessing is if your time is completely worthless to you. We both know that it’s not.

Also, why would you want to do that? What models would you use to know what you need to do? Looking only at what other people do doesn’t work. That’s what everyone else does and one of the reasons why they fail.

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