Can't I Just Learn About The Music Industry At Music School Or In Books?

No. If you go to a music school, college or university for 4 years, go $100,000 in debt to pay for it, you STILL WILL NOT learn and do what you need to do. We’ve had graduates from Berklee College Of Music, Musicians Institute and GIT in the program because they never truly learned about the music industry at music school. It’s totally unacceptable to waste 4 years of your life and a huge pile of money/debt and then still not get the result you paid for!

If you buy EVERY book about the music industry, spend years reading them all (as I have), you WILL STILL NOT learn and do what you need to do. Like virtually all these books on the music industry for musicians – they are written by people whose ‘actual’ music career experience as a musician is limited to butchering a few chords in their office.

No claim is made of even one day spent as a recording artist, successful studio musician or playing concerts on tour - let alone to actually earning any serious money as a musician.

This outdated, limited and often WRONG information infiltrates everything because many people falsely believe that if it’s written in a book by some washed up entertainment lawyer that it must be true. But YOU, the smart musician, won't fall for that.

So not only is it a waste to read them all but it’s an even bigger waste when you then follow bits and pieces stuff that isn’t a strategy, isn’t written by someone who has done what you want to do and just – simply – does – not – work…. And if it did work, nobody would be selling this for the price of a $19.95 book!

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