How Do I Connect With The Other Musicians In Your Program?

Great question! Connecting with other musicians in the program will prove to be one of the biggest benefits of your experience in the program EVEN IF you are not a ‘people person’. I’m here to tell you that connecting with THESE special & like-minded musicians absolutely will maximize your success rate. You will be a key part of this special network of dedicated, committed and success-minded musicians…

Think about all the musicians you know… Now be honest, you and I both know that the vast majority of your musician friends are never going to go anywhere in the music business. A few will try and fail, the rest will be too afraid to even try, they have already failed. But they will still give you their (ignorant) ‘opinions’ about what you want to do. Fact is, NONE of those people are qualified nor entitled to even have an opinion about you, your music and your current or future career in music – period.

You need to be surrounded by people who are: success-minded, passionate, dedicated, positive and absolutely as committed as you are to establish, grow and sustain and successful long-term career in music. This is critical!

Finding even one person that is a winner like you is not easy… finding an entire group of them all at once and them wanting you among them too is amazing. They (and I) will encourage you, hold you accountable for your own success, and generally kick your ass down your path of success until you get there.

You will connect with your network of musicians at our private, super cool, fun and empowering Music Careers Mentoring Program Network Forum… I know what you are thinking, ‘online forums suck’… You are right, they DO suck! But THIS ONE is AWESOME!

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