Will This Program Work In My Country?

I mentored musicians literally all over the world (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, even Africa) and I’ve yet to see a country where what I teach “didn't work”.

Being in the music business is the same as being an entrepreneur or a small business owner. There are entrepreneurs in every industry in just about every country. 

Music is no different. 

Here are a few of the musicians I mentored from all over the world:

Jure Golobic - Musician
Jure Golobic (Slovenia) - Jure is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher from Slovenia. He's a guitarist for a blues rock band Stray Train. He recorded two albums and did some amazing touring in Europe and Russia including shows where they opened for Nickelback and Scorpions, playing venues up to 35,000 people. His band Stray Train was announced as a "blues rock discovery" of 2016 and has kept growing ever since.


Diana De Cabarrus - Professional Musician
Diana de Cabarrus (UK) - Diana is a touring songwriter who released 4 albums with Fence Records. She has toured the UK and her music received national radio airplay. Diana also runs a music school in Edinburgh, Key To Music, where she teaches guitar, voice and composition


Piotr Sierzputowski - Pro Musician
Piotr Sierzputowski (Poland) – Piotr is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and guitar teacher from Ostrołęka, Poland. He is the founder and leader of hard rock group called KARRAKAN. The band released their debut CD in 2016 and played several concerts around the country, including a mini-tour promoting their debut record. Piotr was also involved in a heavy/doom metal studio project called CATACOMBAT and released an EP album with this band.


Subin Thompson Subin Thompson (India) – Subin is a music composer-producer and sound engineer from Kerala, India. As a classically trained pianist and guitarist, his style is formed using a combination of MIDI technology with live instrumentalists and vocalists. Subin has done background scores for films and numerous songs. He works in the Royal Opera House Muscat as a sound engineer. He also conducts audio master classes and seminars for musicians and sound engineers.


Tom Sklenar - Professional Musician
Tom Sklenar (Czech Republic) – Tom is a touring musician and guitar teacher who has toured all over Europe with his band Symphonity.

See even more success stories of musicians I’ve mentored.

To be clear: I'm not promising, guaranteeing or even implying that you will get those kinds of results. 

Your results may be the same, more or less. 

I'm just showing you what is possible with the right mentoring and consistent, focused action on building your career. 


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Here are more success stories from musicians from all over the world: 






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