Can I Quit This Program At Any Time, Or Am I Forced To Keep Paying?

Read everything below.

1. If your first question is about quitting then I have to question how serious you are about a music career in the first place. Remember, successful people play ‘to win’… unsuccessful people play to ‘not lose’… which are you?

2. You are not financially or legally obligated to continue our coaching for any length of time... As long as your payment subscription is active for the Music Careers Mentoring Program via paypal or our payment system, you and I will continue working together. YOU can log into your own student or paypal account at any time to cancel (but please email me first to let me know if that ever happens).

3. Now that you know you ‘can’ cancel at any time (and thus your payments will stop as soon as you cancel your subscription via paypal or my payment system by logging into your member account to do so), you also need to know that if your intention is to simply ‘try’ a session or two and then quit, I prefer to not even begin mentoring you.... I have built a solid (and verifiable) reputation of helping large numbers of people grow their own music careers. I have worked hard to refine my abilities to do that and I commit myself to those who commit themselves to building a successful career in music. If this sounds like you, then I want to help you grow your own awesome music career right now. But if you are not fully committed to becoming a professional musician, then do not apply for my program.

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