Will I Need Tons Of Additional Money To Implement The Things I Will Learn In Your Program?


You can implement most of the things I teach you for free or for very low cost. And you don’t pay anything extra to me on top of your tuition to be in the program.

That said:

To have long-term success in the music business, you will need financial freedom. 

That means being able to say yes (and invest into) opportunities that grow your career. Some of these opportunities will require an upfront financial investment.

Others may not pay off until months or years into the future.

(Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to build financial freedom for yourself step by step in the Music Careers Mentoring Program and mentor you through the process.)

Here is one example of what I mean: 

Imagine you get a call from a band you always wanted to play in. You are asked to join the band as a permanent member.

Your first project?

Sit in the studio with the band for the next 5 months recording their next record. 

The challenge is: you won’t get paid much (or anything) until the band goes on tour.

In the meantime: your expenses at home still have to get paid. 

Plus: you may need to buy new gear and pay for travel (and living) expenses to move to the city where the band is based. 

Most musicians have a hard time saying “yes” to this opportunity.

The reason?

They can’t afford to be away from their day jobs for months and not get paid.

And this “lack of ability to say yes” is a big reason why most people’s music careers never go anywhere. 

But when you prepare for such situations in advance (by doing the things I train you on inside Music Careers Mentoring Program) …

… you’ll be one of the few people with a “yes-ready” situation.


You’ll have an easy time umping on such opportunities when they come up. This makes it very easy for you to grow your career very fast.

Here are some stories of musicians I mentored who have done just that:




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