What If I Don't Hear From You After Sending My Application?

MCMP application wait time

I reply to every application whether it’s accepted or not.

That said, I get hundreds of emails per day and I'm quite busy working with musicians I'm mentoring. So, please give me 48 hours to respond back to you. If you don’t hear anything from me after 72 hours, please email me directly at Tom Hess Email

And while you wait for me to respond…

…study these music career resources on how to become successful in the music industry.

While there are many things you need to know and do to build a music career…

… there are 2 things you ought to know about when it comes to music industry success.

These things are the building blocks of everything we talk about in the Music Careers Mentoring Program:

Value & Risk

Value = your ability to help a band, record company or other musicians reach their goals.

The more value you have – the more everyone in the music industry wants to work with you.

And this doesn't just mean musical value. It means all the other skills, connections and resources you have. These may or may not be music-related. But they are ALWAYS business related. 

And risk? 

Risk are all the negative attributes about you personally or professionally. Everything from the obvious (like drug & alcohol abuse) to the non-obvious (like having a reputation of being disloyal). 

If I were to boil the music career success formula into a one-sentence bumper sticker, it would be: “add maximum value with minimum risk”.

In the music career resources I publish on my website, I go into details on what are the various elements of value and risk exist in the music industry.

And if/when we work together in the Music Careers Mentoring Program, I’ll train you in detail on how to develop as much value as possible – with minimum risk.

Here is what musicians are saying about music career mentoring:



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