What If I Don't Get Any Support For My Music Career From My Family And Friends?

Do this:

1. Tell your family if they love you, then to not expect you to live your life in a way that is not authentic to who you are, what you believe in and what you want.

2. Find new friends.

3. Realize that while you DO need support for your music career, you do not necessarily need support from disempowering people currently in your life… You’ll soon be surrounded by many new people (including myself) who absolutely WILL support you.

When you have a stable and successful career in music, earning more money than you do now, are home more than you are now (compared to your day job that keeps you away from home, most of the day), you are far more fulfilled in life, happier and in a better mood most of the time… you will find your friends and family all of a sudden will support you.

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