Can You Help Me Get More Music Career Opportunities?

Yes of course, that is 50% of what this program is all about, the other 50% is about mentoring you to not simply ‘get opportunities’ in your music career but to ‘create them’ for yourself.


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Adrienne Osborn, graduate of the Music Careers Mentoring Program

Adrienne Osborn is a vocalist who sings in varied styles including pop, jazz, soul, and electronica. She is also a lyricist and a multi-instrumentalist (keys, bass, and percussion). She writes original songs, records vocals for musicians all over the US and Europe, and composes music for a film/TV music library.

Recordings Released:

  • 2011 Oceans Closer
  • 2010 The Phoenix, The Flame
  • 2010 Differentiate

Products Released:

  • 2010 - 2 DVD set "The Zen Of The Stage: Performing In The Zone"


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