Will The Things I Learn In The Music Careers Mentoring Program Work For My Style Of Music?

As long as you play music people pay money for (and/or enjoy seeing live), the answer is yes.

Think of the music business like the restaurant business. The style you play is like a certain type of cuisine. As long as other people eat it and it doesn't make people sick, you can open a restaurant that serves it :)

And from there, you need business know-how on running a restaurant and making it profitable.

Music Careers Mentoring Program gives you that know-how. 

Specifically, I’ve mentored musicians in rock, pop, metal, country, blues, jazz, classical (including orchestral music) and even hip hop. 

I also mentored guitar players (acoustic & electric), bass players, singers, drummers, piano players, violinists, and cellists.

How can the program work for all of these styles and instruments?


The Music Careers Mentoring Program is not music lessons. 

It’s guidance on how to take your musical skills and turn it into a career where you can: 

- Go on tour

- Quit your job and write music for a living

- Get a record deal

- Be a composer for higher

- Work for a record company

- become a music producer

Here are the results musicians have achieved: 




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