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If you aspire to become a professional musician and earn a living with your passion, you will need to know what it really takes to break into this industry.  Contrary to popular belief, your potential for success in music is not determined by "who you know" or by "getting lucky".

Take the assessments below and find out what it really takes to become a music business professional.  You will also be able to evaluate the current steps you may be taking towards a music career.  After you complete the questions, you will receive your score together with detailed comments from me.  I will show you how you can begin to move your career forward much more quickly and powerfully than before.

Test yourself below:

Your Music Career On The Right TrackLearn How Close You Are To A Successful Career In Music 
Are you on the right track to a thriving career in the music business? Take this free music career assessment to learn how close you are to becoming a highly successful professional musician.

Find A Music Career CoachDo You Need A Music Career Coach?
To succeed in music, it is very helpful to follow the advice of a mentor, someone who has already done what you want to do and can teach you to do the same.  Do you need a coach to help you reach your music career goals in the fastest way possible? Find out here.

Build A Successful Music CareerDo You Have An Effective Backup Plan That Will Lead You Into A Successful Music Career?
Many musicians "plan to fail" in their music career, by relying on a backup plan that moves them away from their ultimate dream.  How about you?  How effective is your strategy?  Click here to test yourself and find out.  

Pursue A Career In MusicAre You Prepared To Pursue A Highly Successful Career As A Professional Musician?
Many people talk about wanting to make it in the music business, but few have all the "pieces of the puzzle" necessary for long term success in this industry.  How about you? Test yourself here.

Test For Becoming A Successful MusicianTest For BIG Success As A Professional Musician
How well do you understand the mindset of successful music industry professionals?  While all people are different, there are common threads to both failure and success.  Do you live with this mindset? This test will tell you.

What Does The Music Industry Look ForWhat Does The Music Industry Look For In You?
Many musicians want to know what it takes to attract the attention of the major people and companies in the music business.  In order to understand the answer to this question, you must know WHAT these entities look for in all artists they choose to work with.  Most musicians have no about you? Find out here.

How To Promote MusicHow Much Do You Know About Promoting Your Music?
You want your music to be heard by others and to build your fanbase, right? Of course you do... but how much do you REALLY know about succeeding in this area of the music business? You might be surprised... Take this music industry promotion test to find out.

Free Music Career eBooks:

What Record Companies Look For How To Stand Out In The Music Business
Just starting your music career and don't know how to stand out in order to get your music heard by more people? Don't worry, this is not as difficult as you might think. You simply need to solve one key problem. Learn what it is and how to solve it in order to stand out in the music business fast by downloading this free guide to standing out as a musician.

How To Become A Pro MusicianGet Your Fans To Buy Your Music Instead Of Stealing It
Doesn’t it make you angry to spend thousands of hours practicing your instrument, thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars to record and release your music…and then struggle to sell your album for $10? Worst of all, many of your so-called “fans” feel entitled to steal from you by downloading your music illegally. This free eGuide shows how to get your fans to buy music.

Music Career Articles:

Music Career ArticlesMusic Career Articles
Are you ready to begin a career in music or advance your current career to the highest level? Find out how to move your music career forward, make tons of money as a professional musician and achieve your greatest musical goals by studying these free music career articles.  

Free Music Career Coaching Mini Course:

Do You Need A Music Career CoachDo I Need A Music Career Coach FREE 6 Day Mini Course
To achieve success in the music business, you must follow the advice of a mentor who has already accomplished the things you want to do.  Think you need a mentor and trainer to help you achieve your music career goals as quickly as possible? Get powerful music industry advice and expand your music career with a mentor now.  

Free Music Career Videos:

How To Release A Music AlbumHow Should You Release Your Music Album: On Your Own Or By Hiring Help?
Are you wondering what the best way is to release your first music album? Should you release it on your own while learning how to record, mix and produce on your own... hire someone to do these things for you... work with a music company? Find out the answer by watching this video about releasing music.

How To Grow A Career In MusicHow To Grow A Music Career While Eliminating Competition
To become a successful pro musician fast you must offer tons of value to other people in the music industry. Most musicians don't know how to do this and simply focus on playing their instruments as well as possible. End result: their music career never takes off. Watch this video to learn more about how to grow a music career fast.

How To Become A Pro MusicianHow To Become A Professional Musician
Do you want to know "what you must do" to begin your music career today?  Many musicians ask this question when trying to break into the industry as they look for tips on how to get started.  The answer will surprise you... Watch the video to find out.

Music Career Backup PlansMusic Career Backup Plans
Have you ever been advised by friends or family about the need to have "something to fall back on" if the music career doesn't work out?  Although this advice is usually born from good intentions, in reality it is very DAMAGING to your music career success. Watch this video to learn the truth about music career backup plans.

Tired of your day job? Are you looking for a music career mentor to help? I'll show you how to start a music career.

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