Music Industry Promotion Test - How Much Do You Know About Promoting Your Music?

How effective are you at promoting your music? To be successful at promoting your music to your fans, there are several critical things you must do (and various mistakes you must avoid). Take the short test below to determine what areas of music promotion you need to work on if you want to succeed in the music industry.
1. To promote my music more effectively, I must focus the most on improving: *

2. To increase my fan base, my music promotion efforts focus heavily on: *

3. When I need to promote a new event, project or activity in my music career, the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so is: *

4. I know how to contact my current music fans at any time without much effort. *

5. I know how to consistently get my music fans to support me in my music industry projects. *

6. I have strategies in place for getting more of my fans to buy my music instead of downloading it illegally. *

7. I know how to effectively reward my most loyal music fans to consistently encourage greater viral promotion through word of mouth. *

8. I understand the concept of “leverage” and how it can be applied both to my music career in general and to the topic of music promotion specifically. *

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