4 Ways To Get Your Fans To Buy Your Music Instead Of Illegally Downloading It For Free

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Doesn’t it make you angry to spend thousands of hours practicing your instrument, thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars to record and release your music…and then struggle to sell your album for $10? Worst of all, many of your so-called “fans” feel entitled to steal from you by downloading your music illegally.

Sucks, doesn't it?

This is the reality for most musicians…but it doesn't have to be this way for you. To sell music to your fans (and make good money), you must:

  1. Stop trying to sell your music using the traditional (outdated) music business model. You must learn how the music business works today (vs. how it worked 20-30 years ago).
  2. Think innovatively like an entrepreneur. This helps you discover new ways to sell music (and other merchandise) to your fans.

It’s not hard… it’s quite simple and easy.

In this free eGuide to getting your fans to buy your music, you will discover: 
  • Stated and unstated reasons why more of your fans don’t buy your music and bullet-proof solutions to overcome them.
  • 4 powerful (and simple) strategies to get a lot more of your fans to buy your music. This works even if some fans already downloaded your albums illegally.
  • A simple win-win tactic that helps you sell your music, attract more people to your gigs and add massive value to venue owners (without spending a dollar).
  • How to convert a passive fan into a super loyal, raving fanatic who is eager to buy your music (and all other merchandise). 
  • How rewarding buying behavior grows your music career income by 44% without doing any extra work or taking on new risk. 
  • How to quickly determine who your most loyal fans are and use this knowledge to sell your music to them. 
  • How to use the scarcity principle to make your fans eager to buy your music. 

…and a whole lot more.

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