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If you are trying to get into the music industry and have absolutely no idea how to get started, you're not alone. When trying to become a professional musician, most people are told by their friends and family that they need “something to fall back on”, or that they must “go to school and do music on the side”. Although these things are said with good intentions, in reality they are a recipe for failure in your music career.
Learning how to become a professional musician often means going against the conventional wisdom given to you by others who are not (and never have been) successful professional musicians. To get into the music industry and build a thriving music career, you need to listen to those who actually ARE in the music industry already and are doing the things you want to be doing. Better yet, listen to those who have trained hundreds of other musicians to do what you want to do in the music business.
By watching this FREE video on how to become a professional musician, you will:
  • Discover the 4 reasons why common music career backup plans fail
  • Understand the 4 characteristics of a good backup plan for your music career
  • Develop a successful exit strategy from your day job so that you can get into the music industry without putting yourself or your family at risk financially
  • Get ideas for creating very safe and effective music career backup plans that will support your main goal of becoming a professional musician
  • Learn how to reduce your risk in pursuing a music career

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