Test for BIG Success as a Professional Musician Assessment

How prepared are you to reach the success you want in the music business? To have a great full-time career in the music business, you need to learn to think & act in the same way as successful professional musicians do. Take the short test below to see how prepared you are for building a successful music career.

1. My success begins... *

2. The first thing I must do to prepare for a successful music career is... *

3. Success is a... *

4. My greatest tool which can protect me from failure is my... *

5. In order to achieve great success, the two most important mental factors are: *

6. What do highly successful people see most? *

7. To achieve great things I must FIRST raise my levels of... *

8. I think deeply about my specific goals, strategies and plans  *

9. People around me build me up and never try to tear me down. I surround myself with a supportive group of people. *

10. The fastest way I can achieve big success is to partner with other like-minded people. *

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