What Does The Music Industry Look For In You?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to all of these questions, you must be well on your way to becoming an unstoppable force in the music industry!  Where do you stand?

Note: This survey assumes that your music abilities and the quality and marketability of your music are already at a high enough level to even enter the music industry on a professional level.  The purpose of this survey is for you to take inventory of “other” (overlooked or less obvious) elements that music companies look for in artists beyond the “art” itself.  It is a given that your musical skills must be at a pro level. 

1. I can get along well with people in high-pressure situations over long periods of time. *

2. My artistic image is consistent with (and reflective of) my music. *

3. I have experience recording in a “real” studio and can play TIGHT! *

4. I am able to think clearly and function well in stressful conditions such as long recording sessions. *

5. My schedule is flexible enough and financial situation is stable enough to allow me to take advantage of all music career opportunities that I want to be involved in. *

6. I have touring experience (at least on a regional level). *

7. I can handle the pressures of success (don’t answer this one too quickly!). *

8. I have an “accessible database” of my loyal fans and I take action to grow this list on a consistent basis. *

9. When I approach a company in the music business, I always think in terms of a mutually beneficial partnership.  *

10. I am aware of the things I can do to become more valuable to the companies I want to partner with. *

11. I am aware of the potential risks that I can present to companies that will make them unlikely to want to partner with me. *

12. I already have my own finished record. *

13. I use alcohol and/or drugs: *

14. I do not have any pending legal problems or issues. *

15. The music companies will not have to spend resources on correcting a reputation about me that is inconsistent with the image that they and I seek to put forward.  *

16. I am psychologically and emotionally stable. *

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