How To Teach Your Guitar Students To Practice

The following 7 questions will assess how effective you are at teaching your guitar students to practice guitar.  Most guitar teachers score 2/7 on this test.  How well will you do?
1.  Are you able to motivate the majority of your guitar students to practice guitar in between your lessons? *

2.  How much do you focus on teaching your guitar students “new materials” (or new information) in every lesson? *

3.  When do you think your guitar students learn the most and make the most progress in their guitar playing? *

4.  How do you teach your guitar students “how to practice” your lesson materials? *

5.  When your student struggles with playing the previous lesson’s materials for you in the lesson, what do you do? *

6.  Which of the following is the “most” important skill that you need to teach your guitar students about practicing guitar? *

7.  After you finish teaching a student something new in the lesson, what do you do next? *

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