Will You Become A Successful Guitar Teacher?

Answer the questions below to find out if you are on the right track to success as a guitar teacher and get my (free) feedback to help grow your teaching business.

1. I know how to consistently and reliably attract dozens of new guitar students each month, all year long: *

2. The biggest challenge growing my guitar teaching business to earn multiple 6-figures per year is:  *

3. I get paid every week of the year, including my own vacation time, holidays and sick days: *

4. When summer comes and some of my students quit, I: *

5. My peer group (the people I interact with on a regular basis) consists of: *

6. My attitude about money is: *

7. I receive ongoing training on how to teach guitar and turn my students into great players fast:  *

8. I have multiple approaches for motivating my guitar students to practice:  *

9. I keep most of my guitar students studying with me for many years: *

10. How much money (per year) do you feel is realistic for you to earn teaching guitar?  *

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