Am I Ready To Pursue A Music Career?

You want to know if you are ready to pursue a career in music? Take this music career assessment to find out. Please answer the questions below. Your score will be given to you immediately and you will get a summary of your score which will also include useful ideas and solutions designed to greatly improve YOUR music goals. 


1. I have an empowering mindset for achieving success in all endeavors.  *

2. I work to establish and spread a positive reputation as a musician and person. *

3. I have, or am acquiring, key credentials to establish myself as a professional. *

4. I understand the ways to leverage my credentials to maximum benefit. *

5. I have released my own music products or am at least preparing to do so. *

6. I am working to develop multiple streams of music income. *

7. I understand (or am studying) how the music industry works today (not only how the business worked 5 years ago). *

8. I understand that my goals, plans and actions must be both diverse and congruent. *

9. I understand the importance of good professional relationships and a strong network of musicians and partners. *

10. I am actively working to expand and nurture my current network/partnerships. *

11. I understand the advantages and disadvantages of self-released recordings vs. being signed to a record label. *

12. I understand the difference between working "on" my career and working "in" it. *

13. I continually work to improve my musical skills. *

14. I continually work to expand my musical experience.  *

15. I have a successful mentor to help me begin, grow and sustain a successful long-term music career. *

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