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Learning how to play guitar fast is a common goal for many guitar players. If you practice guitar for a long time but struggle to build up your guitar speed to the level that you want, you are not alone. As you have seen in the first part of this guitar speed video lesson, most guitarists use ineffective approaches towards improving this area of guitar technique.
Like, for example, trying to move your hands faster vs. making the motions more precise and more efficient. Or practicing guitar mindlessly by just moving your fingers up and down. Or ignoring excess muscle tension all throughout your body.
Another common mistake is starting to build speed by practicing slowly and gradually ramping up speed in small increments of a few beats per minute at a time on the metronome.
The problem with this?
First, excessive slow practice can train your hands to make inefficient motions. This means you'll only be able to play at slower speeds (where you can get away with the inefficiencies in your playing).
But once you start reaching higher speeds?
That's when your technique will fail you and you'll get stuck. 
Another problem with starting slow and gradually increasing speed is that it takes a very long time to get to the speeds that become challenging. That means you waste quite a bit of your practice time practicing at tempos that don't make you better. 
Fortunately, there are effective solutions to learning to play guitar fast and by applying them in your practicing you will develop your guitar speed to the level that you will be happy with.
When you watch the rest of this guitar speed secrets video lesson you will:
  • Understand exactly what you need to do to right now to enhance your guitar speed
  • Learn how to reduce muscle tension and improve your guitar technique with both picking and fretting hand
  • Discover how to avoid the mistakes that most guitar players make when trying to build guitar speed
  • Learn new strategies that you can use right away to learn to play guitar fast like your favorite guitar players

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