[Free Video] How To Play 5 Cool Pentatonic Guitar Licks

Wish your pentatonic guitar licks had more variety and sounded more expressive?

Good news:

I've thought of 5 cool licks you can use next time you play a solo or as the basis for countless new blues and rock licks.

Sound good?

Let me show them to you right now.

Watch the video below to learn how to play pentatonic guitar licks that sound awesome:

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Using the approachess you learned in the video, your future licks and solos will sound emotionally captivating and memorable for anyone listening.

Now that you understand cool new ways to create cool pentatonic guitar licks, what else can you do to improve your lead guitar playing?

Use this additional advice to improve your lead guitar licks for blues and rock:

Lead Guitar Tip #1: How To Give Your Pentatonic Guitar Licks More Feeling

Want your pentatonic guitar licks to have more feeling vs. sounding like the same stock licks over and over?

Try this simple approach:

Stay with your guitar licks longer before moving on to play a new lick. Don't make the mistake of moving on too quickly out of an urge to add more notes.

Try this out:

  1. Think of a short guitar lick or take a few notes from a lick you've memorized.
  2. Play the lick but change the last couple of notes using any notes from the scale/key you were already using.
  3. Play the lick, but instead of the last couple of notes, change notes in the middle of the phrase by:

    Ornamenting them with legato, speed picking, bends or any other techniques you know.

    Switch up the note rhythm to make some notes held longer or shorter.

    If the lead guitar lick is part of a sequence of notes, make it a different sequence (Ex: use sequences of 4 instead of 3).

This gets you into the habit of playing lead guitar with intention using just a few notes rather than hoping to eventually run into one or two good notes. This is the process for learning how to play notes with feeling.

Of course, this is just one of many ways to train your lead guitar playing creativity.

Try thinking of several more creative approches for practicing playing guitar licks with feeling by isolating your focus on specific licks like sweep picking licks, tapping licks or anything else you want to play more expressively.

Whenever you play a note, try to think:

“What do I want to express with this note?”

Then choose the technique you use to express this accordingly.

This helps you select the most appropriate direction for the lick to go in so everything flows smoothly together.

Lead Guitar Tip #2: Become A Master Of Vibrato Technique

One of the main mistakes that guitar players make with pentatonic guitar licks is not using excellent vibrato to create expressive phrases.

Here's how to make your pentatonic guitar licks sound awesome using vibrato:

Listen to musicians from different musical genres who have good vibrato and observe their phrasing with the technique.

It’s easy to improve your vibrato technique when you listen to the difference between your guitar playing and the playing of one of your favorite musicians. Once you master vibrato technique, practice it by playing it on every note in a scale to make each one sound great.

Eventually you will use vibrato in your lead guitar licks in a much more expressive and natural way.

Question: Is It Better To Improve Lead Guitar Technique By Yourself Or With A Teacher?

Every guitar player eventually hits a wall in their playing and wonders if there is a better/faster way to improve.

So which is faster?: Taking lessons with a guitar teacher or just learn on your own?


Every guitar player can experience massive, fast results in their playing when they take lessons with an experienced teacher.

Without a guitar teacher, it's easy to get stuck in your guitar playing and simply not know what has to get done to improve. This is one of the biggest reasons why many guitar players end up giving up and letting their skills stagnate.

Getting better at guitar should be an easy ad fun process.

This is precisely why I encourage all guitarists take lessons with an experienced guitar teacher - no matter what genre of guitar playing you play in.

This step is critical for helping you make fast progress, because a decent guitar teacher is successful at getting you to identify your mistakes, fix poor playing habits and get a new perspective on guitar playing that you would not have thought of on your own.

Not only does this make learning about guitar more fun, it removes the frustration that comes with not knowing the next action needed to get better.

When you are ready to take your lead guitar playing to a new dimension, get a guitar teacher. Doing this gets you results like what my students are getting:



Learning to play pentatonic guitar licks is fun, but there is much more to becoming an excellent lead guitar player than this - Take your lead guitar playing to the highest level with these guitar lessons online.

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