How To Improve Your Guitar Playing Accuracy By Reducing Finger Pressure On The Guitar Strings

Do you sometimes struggle to play guitar as accurately as you want? If you do, you are likely facing one of the most common problems that many other guitar players face. The problem is that you are having a hard time with your coordination as you try to perform different tasks in each hand. As an example, guitarists will usually play with too much finger pressure in their fretting hand when only a little is needed to sound a note. This is because they are focusing on playing with power in their picking hand, and (without thinking about it) they carry this over into their fretting hand.

Once you develop good coordination on guitar, you will be able to play guitar faster and more accurately. Watch the guitar coordination video below and learn how to instantly improve your guitar playing.

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Now you know how to play guitar more cleanly and accurately. Use this to play fast and creative guitar solos like never before by studying these internet guitar lessons.

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