Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll Show You The Very Best Way To Practice Guitar When You Have A Limited Amount Of Time To Practice

This video is for guitar players who are dead-set on improving their skills…

… but have very little time to practice. 

Because in it, I show you how to squeeze more progress out of every minute of your practice time, using a little-known guitar practice technique almost nobody knows:


It’s a unique way to pick out exercises for your guitar practice sessions that helps you improve multiple techniques with each practice item.


  • My exact recommendation for items that have very high (and very low) levels of transferability. These examples help you plan out your practice schedules, no matter your skill level, goals, amount of practice time or musical background.
  • Picking hand tips that help you build more guitar speed in less time. These tips will also help you apply the transferability principle to make your guitar practice more efficient overall.
  • How to improve your picking hand technique, fretting hand technique, 2 hand synchronization, accuracy, articulation, fretboard knowledge with a simple major scale. (Believe it or not, once you understand the transferability principle and get it working for you when you practice guitar – this becomes possible.)

And much more.

To watch the video and begin using the transferability secret in your guitar practice today, enter your name and email address and click the “Give Me Access Now” button. 

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How to practice guitar with a limited amount of time by Tom Hess

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