Learn How To Play Exotic Guitar Licks & Become A More Creative Lead Guitarist

You will never become a highly creative lead guitar player by constantly cycling through the same blues and pentatonic licks. To truly become unique and innovative in your lead guitar playing, you need to expand your soloing vocabulary to include exotic guitar licks while learning how to use expressive guitar phrasing. Once you do this, your lead guitar playing will reach a whole new level of creativity.
Watch the exotic guitar licks video below and learn how to instantly improve your lead guitar playing creativity by combining unique licks together with  expressive guitar phrasing.

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The secret to make these licks sound good isn’t in the notes themselves.

It comes down to how you play the notes. (i.e. your guitar phrasing.)

Here are the most important guitar phrasing elements that help you master these licks:

Guitar Phrasing Element #1: Lead Guitar Vibrato

Vibrato is the heart and soul of your lead guitar playing. And great vibrato comes down to balance between 2 critical elements:

- its speed and

- its width.

Make your vibrato too fast and narrow and your playing will sound nervous and out of control.

But if your vibrato sounds slow and wide? Then it no longer sounds like vibrato and sounds like slow bends instead.

The faster your vibrato becomes, the wider it should be to sound good. 

And the slower it is, the narrower it should be. 

Tip: practice vibrato with a metronome to make sure it stays in sync with the beat. 

When you get good at this, you’ll be able to make your vibrato sync up with any song you are playing.

And that is a sign of true vibrato mastery. 

Guitar Phrasing Element #2: String Bends

The most important element of great string bending is: bending the strings in tune!

To make sure your string bends are always in tune, do this:

  1. Play the note you intend to bend up to (as a regular note). For example: play the B string 10th fret. Get the sound of the 10th fret in your ear.
  2. Bend the B string from the 8th fret up to the 10th fret. Stop when the bend matches the note you just played in the previous step.

Repeat these steps as necessary to make your bends more consistent. 

Bonus string bending tip 1: wrap your thumb around the neck of the guitar to bend strings. This gives your hand more leverage to do wider bends (and do them consistently).

Bonus string bending tip 2: rotate your entire arm using a doorknob motion. This makes it easy to bend strings without much effort (because you are using the large muscles of your arm instead of just the fingers).

Now you know how to make your guitar licks more exotic and more expressive. 

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