Learn How To Play Guitar Arpeggios In A Blues Guitar Context

Are you trying to find new ways to make your blues guitar solos sound better? Know this: you are not limited to playing the same minor pentatonic patterns over and over while playing blues. Using arpeggios while soloing makes your playing sound more interesting and creative.

This video shows you how to make your blues guitar solos sound unique using arpeggios:

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Here are a few more ways to make your blues and classic rock guitar playing sound a lot better: 

Lead Guitar Tip #1: Practice The Key Blues/Classic Rock Guitar Techniques 

Here is the list of the most important guitar techniques to focus on:

  • 2-hand synchronization
  • Picking hand articulation
  • Vibrato
  • Slides
  • Hammer ons/pull offs
  • String bends
  • Tremolo picking
  • Double stops
  • Muting excess noise

Lead Guitar Tip #2: Refine Your Guitar Phrasing

Phrasing is about “how” you play the notes you play. And since most blues/classic rock guitar players don’t play guitar very fast…

… it’s extra important to milk every drop of emotion out of every note you do play.

This eGuide helps you refine your guitar phrasing (for any electric guitar style). 

Lead Guitar Tip #3: Study (Gasp!) Music Theory

Music theory explains why your favorite classic rock guitar songs sound awesome. 

This helps you learn songs a lot faster and create the same emotions your favorite guitarists do when you write your music. 

(You can do this without copying your favorite guitarists’ licks note for note.)

Note: Many guitar players (especially those who play classic rock guitar) confuse understanding music theory with learning to read music. 

The two concepts are not at all the same. You can understand music theory without reading music (and vice versa). 

Reading music doesn't help your classic rock guitar playing. Understanding music theory does.

The amount of music theory needed for classic rock guitar playing well is usually less than the theory needs of other musical styles. 

That said, you must understand the fundamentals of music theory no matter what style you play.

Now that you know how to make your blues guitar playing sound better, the next step is to improve all your other musical skills and make everything about your guitar playing sound awesome.

I can help you a lot with this in my Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.

Here is how it works:

First, you tell me all about your guitar playing, your musical skills and your goals in a detailed evaluation form.

Then, I go to work for you. I create your lesson strategy and lesson materials that develop the skills you need to play guitar the way you want.

As you practice your lessons, I'm there for you to answer your questions, give you feedback on your playing and support you in any way. 

For example: 

  • You can show me your playing every single day if you want – just post a recording of your playing on my student forum. 
  • You can also send me recordings separately for in-depth feedback on your playing and practicing on a regular basis. 
  • You can ask me questions and show me your playing every week in live video Office Hours. I hop on Zoom for an hour to help you with whatever you feel stuck on. You show me your playing (and ask about your guitar playing challenges) during this time and I help you.
  • Every week I do live video training classes where I can see you play guitar as well and give you more personal help with your playing.
  • Depending on what you write in your feedback form about each lesson (I ask you to leave me feedback about each part of what I teach you) I sometimes may ask you to send me a yet another recording of your playing. This way I get to see you play whatever you struggle with and can adjust your lesson strategy (if needed) to help you improve faster. 

And if you do what I tell you for at least 30 minutes per day, you will very likely be highly pleased with the results.

Here is the progress my other guitar students are making:





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