Simple Ways To Improve Your Sweep Picking And Make Arpeggios Easier To Play

To play smooth, flowing and clean sweep picking arpeggios, you must avoid many common mistakes that cause guitar players to become sloppy. One of these mistakes is playing easier parts of a sweep picking lick (such as the notes that use downstrokes) faster than more difficult parts (such as notes that require pull offs or upstrokes). Once you can correct this fundamental error, your sweep picking technique will be much more efficient, and you will be able to play faster and more clean.
Watch the video below and find out how to sweep pick more effectively by solving this common problem:

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Here are a few more ways to clean up your arpeggios and your sweep picking:

Sweep Pick Tip #1: Master Finger Rolling

If you want to sweep pick fast & clean, you’d better put in some time into mastering finger rolling guitar arpeggios.

How are finger rolling guitar arpeggios played?

It’s done by playing more than one note on the same fret on several strings…

… with the same finger.

Finger rolling guitar arpeggios come in many shapes that you play on guitar (and in some scale sequences too).

The hardest part about playing finger rolling guitar arpeggios is separating the notes and not letting them bleed together.

Many guitarists (even those who play scales at eye-popping speeds) struggle with this technique and avoid it as much as they can.

But finger rolling is quite simple when you break it down.

Here is how to do it:

Fret the first note of the finger roll as you would play any regular note on guitar. 

Fret the second note of the finger roll by collapsing the finger knuckle (bend it backwards so it looks like a banana).

Then (if you are doing a 3-string finger roll), rock the wrist backwards.

If you need to reverse the arpeggio, simply do the motions backwards. 

And that’s all there is to it.

Sweep Picking Tip #2: Combine Sweep Picking Arpeggios With Tremolo Picking

This is one of my favorite ways to not only clean up sloppy guitar arpeggios… but also play ripping fast licks you can use in your guitar solos or simply impress others with.

The concept is simple: you stop on a random note of any arpeggio using tremolo picking.

If the note you stopped on sounds clean – it means your hands are in sync and the arpeggio is sounding GOOD.

And if it doesn't?

Then you know exactly what to focus on as you practice the arpeggio.

Now that you know how to make your sweep picking faster and cleaner…

…the next step is to transform the rest of your musical skills (other guitar techniques, music theory knowledge, ear training, phrasing and creativity), so you become the guitar player you always wished you could be.

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Here is how: 

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