Give Me 5 Minutes And World Class Singer Fabio Lione And I Will Show You How To Compose Great Guitar Solos Using Vocal Melodies Mixed With Your Own Lead Guitar Playing And Style

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Ever listened to a really great guitar solo and wonder, "how did that guitar player compose that guitar solo?" When you are a beginning guitar player, you only care about how to 'play' a guitar solo. The more experienced you become as a musician, your thinking evolves from 'how to play cool guitar solos' to 'how to create cool guitar solos'.

Here is what most guitar players don't know about making great guitar solos:

Truly great guitar solos are NOT created by stringing a bunch of cool guitar licks together… they are created using one of many different 'compositional processes'.

And here is the best part:

Most of these are powerful enough to create amazing solos, yet simple enough to be used by anyone who knows and applies them.

Unfortunately, most of the great guitar players are not great 'teachers' and cannot effectively communicate exactly what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it in a way that other people can easily understand.

The good news is, I can.

So if you desire to know exactly 'how' great guitar solos are composed and want to see one of the very rare (but extremely effective) ways that you can use to compose your own cool guitar solos, I've got just the thing for you… and it's totally free.

You will learn:

  • the secret process of using a singer's vocal melodies to compose amazing guitar solos as you mix those melodies with guitar techniques you already know.
  • how a really cool guitar solo was actually composed using the actual step by step process I just described above.
  • not only the technical 'construction' of how the solo was composed, but 'why' the choices were made for each part of the solo (this is perhaps the single most important aspect of composing any guitar solo)
  • how you can use the same process to compose your own awesome guitar solos easily so that you can develop your own unique guitar solo style all on your own.

There are lots of guitar solo lessons floating around online, but you have NEVER seen anything like this!

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