How To Turn Any Arpeggio Into Dozens Of Highly Creative Sweep Picking Licks… Even If You Can’t Sweep Pick Fast Yet

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As you practice your arpeggios, you want to do a lot more than mindlessly “play the notes” like a robot, don’t you? You also want to take any arpeggio you know and quickly turn it into dozens of AWESOME and inspiring licks that are usable in any song or solo, right?
Of course you do…but why haven’t you gotten this result yet? If you are like most guitarists, there are only 2 reasons: 
  • You don’t know what skills to practice (and how to practice them) to make your creativity with arpeggios possible. Hint: getting faster and cleaner with arpeggios is NOT going to help you to play them any more creatively. 
  • You keep waiting until you master sweep picking on a physical level, before you give yourself permission to start working on creativity with arpeggios. This mindset cripples your guitar playing on many levels and makes mastering arpeggios many times harder and more frustrating.
Of course you should continue to work on playing arpeggios faster and cleaner, but you must also make time for training your creativity with the arpeggios you already know. This is not hard to do at all and I'm going to teach you to do this right now.  
In this free guide to playing endless killer arpeggio licks on guitar, you will learn: 
  • Why creating awesome arpeggio licks is not hard and how you can start doing this today. 
  • 25 examples of kickass arpeggio variations created from 1 arpeggio that will jump-start your creativity and inspire you to create dozens more variations yourself!
  • 5 ways to use contour shift to turn any arpeggio into a badass guitar lick.
  • Why inserting unexpected rests can be the easiest way to add fire to your arpeggios.
  • How to build massive tension in your arpeggio licks that will make your listeners pay attention to every single note you play (and love what they hear!)
  • The most important musical skills you need to practice to master creativity with arpeggios.
  • How to use slides, tremolo picking, vibrato and other phrasing nuances to make any arpeggio sound awesome without changing any of its notes.
  • How to creatively add other notes to standard arpeggios to drastically change their sound and make them more fun to play.

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Playing Endless Killer Arpeggio Guitar LicksPlaying Endless Killer Arpeggio Guitar Licks



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